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With 5 great locations across Melbourne, it’s never been easier to find the perfect snow tyre for your next winter trip. Victoria has some of Australia’s best alpine roads within a day’s driving from Melbourne. Donnellans The Tyremen are fully equipped with the right knowledge to keep you and your passengers safe throughout all Australian seasons.

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The Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tyre

Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyre

Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres are our choice of tyre when It comes to snow driving. Snow tyres react differently in the colder harsher conditions compared to your traditional all season or summer tyres. The tyres silica compound remains soft when subject to temperatures below 7 degrees, giving the vehicle much better traction and stability in snow and ice conditions all year round. Comfort in dry conditions are maximised with the tyres softer compounds, along with handling and dry grip.

Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tyres are the premium choice for SUV and CUV vehicles. When it comes to driving in Victoria’s cold and wintery conditions, some of the most popular fitments have been chosen on a wide range of vehicles including the Acura MDX, Audi Q7 and Q5 series, Infinity QX60, Range Rover, Volvo XC60 D5-R, Jeep Cherokee SRT, BMW X5 and X3, Porsche Cayenne and the new Tesla Model X P100D.

Performance and Grip

Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyre performance statistics

The Pirelli Scorpion Winter has more aggressive grip in snow and ice with its dynamic and vigorous directional tread pattern. This new feature offers a more open directional centre rib and directional shoulder rips which help drastically with the exerting of snow and slush from the tyres tread pattern. Its these ribs that aid in water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance. The Scorpion Winter is the latest to come from Pirellis new Ecoimpact marked tyres. With this icon, Pirelli highlights the contribution to the environment in regards to energy efficiency, clean air and low noise output while maintaining optimal safety and comfort in the harshest of conditions.

The Latest Snow Tyre Technology

winter tyre snowflake

The Scorpion Winter uses the latest in Pirelli technology including Run Flat, Seal Inside and PNCS or Pirelli Noise Cancelling System. RUN FLAT technology is a self-supporting system that presents specific reinforcements inserted into the sidewall of the tyres structure. Allowing you to travel safe distances, even after the event of a puncture. SEAL INSIDE is a new tyre construction that helps aid the protection against punctures. Allowing you to continue driving without the loss of air pressure after your tyre has been damaged by an external object. Pirelli Noise Cancelling System, is a technology able to reduce the noise inside the vehicle thanks to a sound absorbing foam device that is inserted on the inside wall of the tyre.

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Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyres are available in a wide range of sizes for a big range of vehicles. Expect a size range from 16” right up to 22” for your more serious SUV’s and large wheel CUV’s. We have 5 great locations across Melbourne: Boxhill, Prahran, Balwyn, Collingwood and Preston. Our expert and fully trained staff have all the experience you need and everything your car needs, to be safer on our alpine roads. So, come in and see us today or call us at one of these locations that might best suit you.